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This register was last updated 26 March 2014
Non Gaffers & Luggers Boat Denotes non G&L boat.


The Oldest Picarooner in Existence


Lilly.jpg (40420 bytes)Non Gaffers & Luggers Boat
It is believed that the Picarooner LILLY is the oldest Picarooner in existence.

Approximately 106 years old. Built in 1905

She is currently being made ready for reconstruction by a boat renovation company at Southdown.
Apparently she holds the record for catching Herring where she was loaded to the gunwales with fish which she landed then set straight back out to sea and filled her to the gunwales again.

The cost of a Picarooner in 1905 was reportedly £10. One of the main differences with todays Picarooners is now Gaff Rig as opposed to Lug Rig and the original Picarooners had a more acute tumblehome.

I hope to have some more info on her shortly from the boat builder/shipwright roving commisions.


Large Picarooner


believed to be circa 1920

Non Gaffers & Luggers Boat

Sunshine was kindly donated to the collection at Eyemouth Museum 
by Mr I. J. Constance of Bideford, Devon.

Boat Number / Year Boat Name General
Rig & Construction
No sail number but OGA number is 3007 Selkie Hampshire-Dorset border – we trailer-sail from Keyhaven When we bought “Selkie” she was sound but “very” utilitarian. The interior was painted battleship grey and there were only two thwarts so, because of the outboard, the helmsman had nowhere to sit on a starboard tack. The previous owner had bought her from someone who had obviously done some work on her but he couldn’t give us any contact information. We sent a photo to Sam Heard who replied that he thought she may have been a “home build”. We also learned that Heard’s apprentices were often started off laying up a hull and this may have been one that didn’t meet his standards (the interior is quite rough, though very sturdy, and there are many characterful crookednesses!!). Maybe he sold it to someone to finish off themselves.

During the restoration we discovered that she had, at some time in the past, had a mizzen mast. Some of the earliest Picarooners were rigged as ketches with lug sails which makes us think that this must be an early hull. This is all guess work we’d love to hear from and anyone who recognises the boat. The fore and aft decks now have iroko decking with mahogany trim and mahogany planking on the bulkheads. A new hatch gives access to the fore locker (the previous access in the bulkhead was blocked by the mast!). New buoyancy tanks on each side have benches above them, giving much more flexible seating. A new system of blocks and pulleys for the centreboard keeps the fore section of the cockpit clear of ropes and makes space for our dogs to come out with us. Iroko sole board help keep our feet dry and the bilge pump now discharges into the centre board casing.

Selkie1.jpg (82604 bytes)Selkie2.jpg (61697 bytes)Selkie3.jpg (79691 bytes)Selkie4.jpg (89478 bytes)

ON4_0070.jpg (206342 bytes)ON4_0076.jpg (195796 bytes)ON4_0077.jpg (166910 bytes)Selkie in the Solent.jpg (87670 bytes)

Many thanks to 

Oliver & Susan 

for updating details of SELKIE.

Prior to 1984 Silver Girl Shaftsbury,Dorset Lug,unstayed masts, no outboard well. Purchased 2nd hand Mylor Boat Yard 1984 £600 Currently undergoing repair after being blown off mooring in Poole harbour.

Thank you to Mike Weller for details

Picture to Follow
CP 1


Buffy Yarmouth, Isle of Wight
GRP, Gaff
This was the first gaff-rigged Picarooner, built for me as a tender to Charlotte (28ft Falmouth Working Boat).  Has spent most of her life in and around Lymington. Currently having new sole boards fitted.
from:     Anthony Cook

Hi Tony

 Buffy is the original CP1, shown in the publicity photograph you have
 already.  In 1987 I commissioned Martin Heard to build me a working
 boat, and as it was going to take 18 months, we got him to make a
 Picarooner for us to play with whilst we waited!

 Buffy had been sitting in a farmyard near Lymington for six or seven
 years until a couple of months ago and was in a rather sad state, but,
 having now got a cottage at Yarmouth, I brought her over to the Island
and she is presently at Yarmouth Marine Service having new sole boards fitted.

 I always felt that she was under canvassed, so - and I hope you won't
 think it sacrilegious - I am planning to experiment with a Chinese lug
 rig.  I have a 28ft wood-epoxy Maurice Griffiths sloop, also junk-rigged, and have been very impressed with its simplicity, ease of handling and quickness to reef.  Modern thinking in sail design seems
to have cured the traditional 'won't go to windward' problem, so if the rig can be scaled down sufficiently, it may be a good way of adding those extra 30 or 40 square feet I think it needs.  (And if it doesn't, I can always replace the original rig...)

 I'll let you know how I get on.
 Regards Anthony

CP1.jpg (12468 bytes)

2-1992? Curlew Lympstone, Devon Gaff rigged, tan sails, white hull, lengthened mast & larger sails.
Comments: She has had the mast lengthened by 3 ft and a new set of slightly bigger tan sails. Apparently the original is a little underpowered, I wouldn't know, this is my first Picarooner. Curlew sails beautifully in gentle breezes on all points of sail and picks up her heels in gusts. Like most gaffers, she is a delight on a reach and charges along, the rigging humming like a banjo !  We're trying to organise some nice photos of her under sail and I'll post one when we've got one.
from:     Matt Hood
Photos to come soon
3-1989 Lowena was Exe Estuary White hull, tan sails

Lowenna.jpg (9584 bytes)

5 Gustie was South West Black Hull Gaff  
6 Mallard   New owner Mr. Malcolm Goram - relaunched Mallard at Porthleven and then Falmouth. Dec 2013. Thank you for the pictures. CP 6 1adj.jpg (188813 bytes)CP 6 2adj.jpg (334887 bytes)CP 6 3adj.jpg (352960 bytes)
7 Clovelly Bay Lanivet Cornwall  White/Blue hull, Gaff Rig, White Mainsail, Tan Jib. Undergoing final restoration prior to being offered for sale.

details kindly supplied by Phil Wisdom

9 Puffin based at HillHead on the Solent GRP   Black Hull Gaff Rigged  Outboard in a well or on fitted bracket.  1suit of tan sails and a newer set of White sails. Has road trailer and a boom up cover.

Puffin was previously sailed in Plymouth and was moved to HillHead in 2009 after some trailer sailing in the lake district.  Due for refit in Winter 2010 for potential sale
from:     Alastair Ramsay

10     Black Hull was trailed, Bath Gaff  
11 Kittiwake Devon GRP Gaff Rig  

Larger rig fitted, designed by the previous owner in conjunction with Mr Heard
Picture courtesy of

 Aidan & Rachael  Robson


Kittiwake CP11.JPG (2285283 bytes)

12 Mordros Falmouth Gaff, White Hull and white sails  



Poole Dorset GRP white hull gaff tan sails  
19 Jack Hi was Mylor Bridge Gaff Rig , White Hull, Green Bulwarks, Tan sails  
20 Piglet   Gaff. Supposed to have been shipped to Ireland. 2008

Piglet.jpg (12696 bytes)

21-1989 Poppy   OGA  
Gwennol Lying Bosham, Chichester harbour GRP, gaff. Blue topsides. . I have owned her since 1995 – she was on the Dart till then. Mods: a) I moved the kicker to the stern, to get it out of the way – just attached it to a rope horse b) created small inspection hatches for the lifting keel plate bolt, which was renewed 2005 c) raised the gooseneck slightly to give more headroom – I’ve never been sure if this affected her upwind performance c) made a mast gate (picture in due course). She has the larger jib, but we don’t use it as we find she sails better on the original small one.

Many thanks – I was delighted to find your website!


Gwennol Pcs013.JPG (4215430 bytes)

Gwennol Pcs015.JPG (3485581 bytes)

23-1991 Puffin was Maylandsea, Essex OGA  
24-1994 PYNOT
(Yorkshire dialect for Magpie)

Previously known as Selkie

Craignish Area

Thank you to Mark Holroyd for the update.

White/green hull, tan sails.
Cutter rig with topsail over gaff mainsail
Extensive work has been done on Pynot since her purchase as Selkie in 2012. Internal additions include anchor stowage, extended side benches and a forward bulkhead to secure equipment carried on board. The ideas and designs for these items were taken from other Picarooners on the register and have greatly improved CP24 as a cruising boat. A longer bowsprit has been fitted allowing a jib and staysail to be carried and a topsail has been rigged in the Cornish style as promoted by the Gaffers and Luggers Association, the topsail being carried along the boom when not in use. The total sail area has been increased from 108sqft. to 139sqft. giving a notable imrovement in sailing performance in light winds.


Pynot_1_2.jpg (244261 bytes)Pynot_2_2.jpg (713286 bytes)Pynot_8_2.jpg (435720 bytes)3. Pynot under full sail.JPG (1057234 bytes)

Originally launched as Selkie

selkie-01.jpg (30230 bytes)
selkie-02.jpg (23174 bytes)selkie-04.jpg (24724 bytes)Selkie_-05_2.jpg (64295 bytes)



Boat Number / Year Boat Name General
Rig & Construction
25 Fritha Dorset Fritha3.jpg (100130 bytes)This picarooner is the standard Gaffers and Luggers hull etc. but the fitting out and the joinery was carried out to a very high standard by a professional shipright. 

Fritha.jpg (103218 bytes)IMG_0293adj.jpg (137140 bytes)IMG_0295adj.jpg (132645 bytes)



26 OysterCatcher



Ardnamurchan, Argyll


St. Just-in-Roseland

Blue Hull, White Sails Gaff Rig
Oystercatcher has a dark blue hull and cream sails number CP26.
 Bought Oystercatcher (formerly Pickle) about 6 yrs ago, she's due for a tidy-up this winter then next summer sailing on Loch Sunart and adventures across to the Isle of Mull
It was about 2004 that I bought her, she had been sitting on the shore at St. Just-in Roseland and I purchased an excellent trailer from Lizard Trailers at Helston to bring her up to Scotland. There has been rather less opportunity to sail her than I had hoped but having moved from Perthshire to the west coast with Loch Sunart 3 miles down the road I'm looking forward to some frequent trips next year.
From 1958 the boatyard at Percuil, up the river from St. Mawes, had been the family sailing/racing centre and after our children left home we moved from Dorset to Gerrans by Portscatho where we lived for 5 years. Most of my racing then was in a St. Mawes One Design and I always admired the traditional boats built by Martin Heard who I met on a number of occasions. We moved to Scotland in '96 and after doing a bit of cruiser sailing I decided to get another dayboat and the Picarooner seemed ideal, being designed for the western seas!
Quick potted history, hope that's ok. 
I've read with interest your chats and adventures on the GALA website and watched your videos ,the only problem being that I ache even more to be out sailing!!
Thanks for sharing your experiences.
Best wishes,
David Sutcliffe
27 Limpet Isles of Scilly


Thank you to Bob Holsworth for the info on CP 27

Hi there – for the last 3 years I have been the owner of CP 27 which has been – and still is, in the Isles of Scilly, Cornwall – specifically on St Mary’s. The boat is called ‘Limpet’, has a GRP hull and Gaff rig. She is pale blue with a red trim and tan sails with a later added topsail for good measure. I attach some photos. She has been on the Scillies for some time and has had at least two owners prior to ourselves. She is used as a family dayboat by ourselves and our four boys and is a much loved part of our annual summer holidays. We have raced her in the annual Round the Island Race for the last two years – not with a great deal of success but a lot of fun. A perfect boat for the islands which are now becoming something of a ‘hotspot’ for Picarooners. We spotted CP 37 (Muriel) on the beach in Samson this summer (2012) and she is owned by Bryher Boat yard. Our friends who also holiday in Scilly have also just purchased CP 32 (Swallow) and keep their boat at our house on St Mary’s. The Scilly fleet is growing! CP_27.JPG (1152267 bytes)
CP__27.JPG (793927 bytes)
28-1994 Agnes Jayne Waldringfield

River Deben


GRP & Timber
Dark Green Hull & Bulwarks, Tan sails

Gaff Rigged Sloop

Agnes_Jayne.jpg (12124 bytes)


Largo Lympstone, River Exe, Devon CP29 Largo is owned by David Thompson and moored at Lympstone on the Exe estuary.
It has a dark blue hull with white sails together with a larger tan jib.

Photos of Grace and Largo courtesy of 

Nigel Chappell

Largo.JPG (773603 bytes)

31 Puffin Helford GRP, timber spars, Gaff rig Picarooner
32 -1997 Swallow Falmouth Blue Hull Tan Sails Gaff Rig.

Thank you to Paul Bredin for updating the details on his boat.

Swallow.jpg (29697 bytes)Swallow2.jpg (23731 bytes)CP32.jpg (505114 bytes)Swallow3.jpg (2025645 bytes)
33-1997 Peggy Previously Carsington Water

Now gone to Brittany in France

Colour cream with a tan gunnell band  Sails also cream  Gaff Rig

Peggy has an extra large headsail as well as the standard one for use in light airs.   Both headsails sails have roller furling.   We have chopped off about three inches from the bottom of the rudder to facilitate beaching, with no ill effects to handling.    We have put a 'defender bungee' from the gooseneck to the extreme ends of the bowsprit beam which prevents jib sheets getting caught up on the horns.    We have also added cringles (six) to the luff of the mainsail and have fitted mast hoops.  The trailer has been much modified by the addition of stock items including docking bars, nylon rollers and keel centering rollers at the back.IMG_1000.JPG (1662509 bytes)

Peggy.jpg (9976 bytes)

34 Tressa Par,Cornwall    

(Martin Heard)

  Rig etc: Hull, GRP with teak gunwale & thwarts, flotation lockers fore and aft. Manila with black line. Gaff rig sloop with long-shaft

Construction etc: Sails - Tan main and little white jib, original SKB
Falmouth. Tan Genoa, designed by SKB Nov 2007. Sailing (and a little hand-lining) in Mounts Bay since 2002.

Why "Rocinante"? Well, Don Quixote's donkey didn't always go where the Don wanted - specially, a bit reluctant to windward! Really needs an F4 to get going.
CP35.JPG (470751 bytes)
36-1997   Shropshire Gaff Rig  
37-1997 Muriel Hampshire?

Has been seen on the Isles of Scilly

Dark Blue Hull, Tan Sails Gaff Rig  
38-1998 Puffin was Seaton Gaff Rig, Cream Hull,Dark Blue Bulwarks,Tan sails  
39-1997 Windlass was Salcombe White Hull, Tan Sails, Furling Jib Fitted Plus Boom with Jaws not fitted.  
40-1998 Grace lymstone, river exe, devon Dark Green Hull and Bulwarks, Tan Sails seen in G&L Boatyard Gaff Rig Grace.JPG (780785 bytes)
41-1998 Primrose Stour Estuary Suffolk Gaff Rig, Manilla Hull and Black Bulwarks Tan sails

Primrose.jpg (10900 bytes)

42 - 1998 Winnow Penmarlam Quay, Fowey Gaff Rigged Sloop
Lots! To be posted soon, but includes mast tabernacle/step, decking boards, wykham martin jib, boat trailer rollers (described as "greased lightning"!) and more


WINNOW CP42's  Video Debut. 
Filmed from aboard CRINKER CP55

.Winnow.jpg (12631 bytes)

43-1998 Nicola

now Trellisick


Fowey River

Gaff Rig,Green Hull and Cream Bulwarks Tan Sails was Mylor Boat Hire Trellisick CP43.JPG (26422 bytes)


Kate & Agnes

former name Isla

Rutland Water GRP hull, gaff rig, white hull with royal blue topline, cream sails

Thank you to Keith Franklin for the registration details.

45-1998     Gaff Rig  
46-2001 And Some   Gaff Rig Picarooner---Mark-Porter.jpg (30349 bytes)Picarooner---Mark-Porter2.jpg (48169 bytes)
47-2000   Flushing Gaff Rig Last Seen in the Outer Hebrides CP47.jpg (7933 bytes)
48-2001   Mylor Gaff Rig  




Gaff Rig

Boat Number / Year Boat Name General
Rig & Construction




Gaff RIg





GRP & Timber
Gaff Rigged Sloop


boat_83.jpg (201907 bytes)




Enclosed a nice picture of my CP 52 Picanic, in the Finnish achipelago. We have been sailing her for ten years and are very pleased.
Thank you to Olle Johansson for updating the register with CP52

Picanic Måsskär.JPG (2064076 bytes)




Gaff Rig


Year 2000
Purchased 2004


Durham (formally Scilly)

Gaff Rig GRP Tan Sails, Cream Hull with Navy Gunwhales.

Sirius_CP54.JPG (490735 bytes)



Polperro Cornwall UK

GRP & Timber      Gaff Rigged Sloop White Sails
Fowey Regatta 2010

Visit Crinkers Homepage here you will find a Log of her recent voyages and trips,  A useful Picarooner Modifications page, CRINKERS log book, Photo Album, and New Guestbook 

CRINKERS  YouTube Channel  (Videos)

CRINKERS Vimeo Channel (Videos)


lantic bay crinker.jpg (329879 bytes)

Crinker_Fowey_Regatta_2010adj.jpg (124850 bytes)













Seen at Fowey

Gaff Rig

Tranquility.jpg (12400 bytes)CP58 (2).jpg (9558 bytes)CP58 (4).jpg (79832 bytes)CP58.jpg (7923 bytes)






60 / 2007

Francis Edward

Carrick Roads
Falmouth Cornwall

Gaff Rig - Cream Hull with White Sails and Brown Gunwales

Update kindly sent by the new owner 
Mr.John J.Crowder Dec 2011

Picarooner CP60.jpg (19999 bytes)



Hawkesbury River Sydney Australia

Gaff Rig - Black Hull with Cream & White SailsTadpoles cover.jpg (173694 bytes) 
Tadpole with her new Mast up Cover sat on the Hawkesbury River NSW Australia

PICT2378.JPG (1091399 bytes)

IMG_1619.jpg (3443763 bytes)



Hayling island, Solent

Gaff rigged - green, red above rubbing strakes

Blenny - named after a type of fish my kids keep catching - described in my seven year old sons nature book as 'small, sticks close to the shore, and comfortable in the mud at low tide' - seems to fit my Picarooner.

Blenny's YouTube Channel videos here  
Thanks to Graeme.












































Topsham Exe Estuary

GRP , Gaff  Rig ,Tan Sail, Cream and Black Hull.





Smooth Hound

Carsington Water

GRP, dark blue.    Tan sails.   Gaff rigged sloop

A kicking strap has been fitted which the owner is pleased with.




Falmouth GRP Lug Rigged Single main lug used on oyster fishery (now Retired) thank you to Geoff Benton-Smith  
1990 Picaroo Kirkcudbright SW Scotland Gaff Rigged Cutter. She is unusual. she is a converted motor launch by Peter Thelwell. She is a Gaff cutter with larger sail area and is  three quarter decked and has a timber finished interior.

Picaroo.JPG (749877 bytes)

2008 Little Lily Clovelly Traditionally built wooden. Built by Falmouth Maritime College on the lines of Little Mary (1898) Little Lily is still used for fishing for Herrings. 

(details kindly supplied by Stephen Perham) Thank you Stephen.

  See CP40 above.   I was sailing my boat Daisy down the Exe Estuary when I happened to notice two picarooners moored of Lymstone Harbour on the River Exe. One  had a  dark green hull and was named Grace, a gaff rig of the older design but no numbers were visable. The other was had a dark blue hull, GPR gaff rig, I think the name was Largo but not certain however the first three letters were LAR. Sorry thats all the info i got. Did you know that there is a picarooner number four for sale on gaffers and luggers website. Cheers Nigel  
  if anyone can help Mike with further information about this boat it would be appreciated. Dover GRP Hull, Gaff Rigged

Hi we have this boat at Dover Sea Cadets. Some photos of it can be found here:  I have been in touch with the great-grandson of the chap of built it and he has confirmed that it is a Clovelly Picarooner. We are trying to find out more information about it. You'll see from the photos that there is a name plate in the stern that says "Flushing 44". We are not sure if that is a model number or a really old phone number.
from:     Mike

Mikes Picarooner.jpg (461727 bytes)
Unknown but early Now: “Shearwater” St Ives; previously Camel Estuary/Portgaverne; Fal Estuary Blue hull. Originally a “Lug-Rig” with white main + mizzen sails- very under-powered.  2010: Home-made 16'6” main mast + old Mirror mast used for mizzen; Mirror yard as bumpkin; old Cornish Coble tan standing lug main + jib (+ alternative larger jib); home-designed larger standing lug mizzen made up by RB  Sails, Hayle.

Pictures sent in by Rupert Manley.

Shearwater1.jpeg (876699 bytes)Shearwater3.jpeg (785809 bytes)

Shearwater5.jpeg (400746 bytes)

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